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There’s certainly a lot to know about the internet and getting your business noticed in a way that makes a difference to your bottom line! Falko and Jennifer have taken the time to learn the best “white hat” ways to optimize your internet strategy. You won’t get any fluff or worthless ideas from us – only the most important stuff that will really show results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Picture this … you find the PERFECT bricks and mortar location on the busiest road in town. You spend lots of money fixing up the inside and you put the best business systems in place to handle all the orders you place to receive. You finally open for business! The first day … no customers. The first week … no orders. The first month … no business.

What happened? Everything was perfect!

You forgot the signs!! No one knew you were there!

That’s what it’s like when someone spends hundreds or thousands of dollars on a website but absolutely nothing on SEO. You’d be better off getting a plain-jane basic edition website and spending all the rest on SEO – then, someone would at least be able to place orders with your company!

We make sure that the top search engines (yeah, you pretty much know who we’re talking about. Starts with guh, ends with oogle!) KNOW your site is there and is a relevant resource that they really must serve up to their customers. We do that with backlinking (links from other sites to your site), keyword-rich on-site content, and a network of internet properties that work together to help your customers find you no matter where they look.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile devices … they are everywhere! Did you know that the most recent projections are saying that 2.5 billion users will be making their online payments using their mobile device by 2015? That’s a 40% growth from today’s 1.8 billion! BILLION!!! And, that’s only the people who are making payments using their mobile device – not to mention all the users that are surfing the web to find local businesses such as yours.

We will make sure that your current website has a fully optimized mobile version so that you aren’t turning away customers with a bad user-experience. We also have some of the most exciting opportunities to really maximize the text messaging capabilities and QR codes that this new technology has enabled!

Website Design or Redesign

Whether you want to start from scratch or just add a few glamorous touches on your existing site, we’re the crew to get the job done. A website builds credibility, it answers questions during off-business hours, it tells so much more information than the biggest yellow pages ad and the best business card and the finest sign combined.

Many of your customers will no longer do business with a company that doesn’t have a website. Don’t wait until you are losing customers – build it now and increase your customer base.


You trust us already – now you can have your site hosted through us as well. Secure, trusted servers with the best down-time percentages. Hosting includes your domain name registration, one hour of edits per month, upgrades and general maintenance.