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We will first sit down and determine if we will be a good fit for each other. There will be lots of questions and answers, some time getting to know you, and discovering what your internet marketing needs are.


After we discover what your needs and expectations are, we’ll put together the best package specifically with you in mind. Not everyone needs every single service we provide, so we’ll pick and choose those pieces that will deliver the results you want.


After we receive all the necessary information from you, we’ll get to work on the first draft.  Whether it be a web design or a campaign setup, we’ll follow the plan we detailed and agreed upon to the letter.  You’d be surprised to know how long it takes people to get their information to us – so please make sure to have everything together and to us as soon as possible.


Once you have had a chance to review the first draft and make any comments or corrections, we’ll get back to it right away to make sure we’ve acted on each point appropriately.  Please make sure to give concrete, actionable comments.  “It’s just not the right flavor” is not a comment that will help us design according to your liking.


We rarely have to go through so many revisions but are happy to make sure you love your results.  We’ll be happy to take one more swing at it to make sure even the tiniest details meet your specifications.

(Please note:  There may be additional charges for changes that fall outside the original scope of the project.)

Go live!

Everyone loves it and it’s ready for the public eye!  We hit enter and unveil the brand new piece to the world wide web.


If you have chosen a package that includes maintenance, we’ll stay in touch regularly to talk about progress being made and next steps that need to be taken.