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Falcon Design Studio was started by Falko and Jennifer Schmidt and their six children (yes, six!) in 2011.

Internet Marketing FloridaFalko is the technical one! He stays up-to-date on the latest techniques and implements the full breadth of our collective knowledge on each and every project we have the privilege to work on. As a young boy, he was the one who installed the brand-new family computer and was the one everyone called when there was a problem. He has carried that love of all things computer-related through his life into this new venture. Falko also loves to continue reading and growing the knowledge he already possesses. At the end of the day, we empty out all we’ve learned, teaching each other, inspiring new ideas and branching out to higher goals.

Internet Marketing FloridaJennifer is the talkative one! She has taken on the task of talking with customers and assessing their true needs and wants in regard to their online presence. Our goal is to match our knowledge and expertise with the outcome that you want from every dollar you invest in your internet properties. She is also the author of our blog! She possesses a life-long love of learning that pushes her to continually be reading about what’s the best, the newest, and the coolest as it relates to the internet.

Our children are the cute ones! They are the motivation that keeps us working hard and the comic relief that keeps us laughing. They have been excited as we start this new company and understanding when there is a deadline to meet. We can’t wait for you to meet our fabulous crew.

Because our business is the internet, we can service anyone anywhere. We like to concentrate on those in our area because we feel one of the things lacking in our industry is that personal touch. We want to come into your office, shake your hand, meet your staff and really get to know you and your marketing needs. Those areas include most of South Central Wisconsin, including Janesville, Madison, and Beloit, WI.